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Classic Black Dress | HMÉTÉ

Classic Black Dress

Tell us about your favorite product from your collection.

Hands down, The Classic Black Dress. Funnily enough, this was the first dress in the collection too.

Walk us through the design process. What was the inspiration?

I had this LBD that was my absolute go-to: it was professional, fit well, good quality, and I could wear it to work, to dinners, to events ... It was really the perfect, super versatile garment. I must've had it for four to five years and completely wore it out. When it came time to replace it, I honestly just couldn't find anything remotely close to what I had. My requirements were simple: elegant, wearable, and transitional that didn't break the bank. Frankly, it just didn't exist. So I set out to create my version of the perfect LBD. Not coincidentally, it is our bestseller and we have zero returns on it too!

How did you know that you had made the perfect LBD?

One of my customers is a corporate executive. After she bought this dress, she told me how much she loved it. Whenever she had a big presentation or a post-work event, this was her go-to. It was exactly how I imagined my customers to wear this piece and to hear it directly from my customer, it was so gratifying and validating.

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Classic Black Dress

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