Marianne Car Coat | Catherine Gee

Marianne Car Coat | Catherine Gee

What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

The Marianne Car Coat. It was created as part of the fall / winter 2020 collection. 

Tell us about how the piece came to be.

I actually had designed this car coat before but I distinctly remember seeing this incredible fabric that was very reminiscent of Dries Van Noten… it just screamed art. I had to get it so I got the sample fabric and had it made.

I’m very attached to this design and (don’t judge), I have a relationship with this piece. When one of my stockists called me up to say that she had a client who wanted this piece, it turned out I only had one left and when it sold, I felt so sad because I was just so attached to this piece! It’s a true statement piece.

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Catherine Gee Marianne Car Coat

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