Rose Bomber Jacket | YEON

Rose Bomber Jacket | YEON

What’s your favorite product from the collection?

It’s so hard to pick but if I absolutely had to, it would be the rose bomber jacket.

The fabric is so unique. How did you come up with the design?

I was curious what would happen if I took an X-ray photograph of a flower. I found an X-ray photographer and he took photos of a variety of flowers: a rose, a lily, etc. When I saw the results, I was immediately drawn to the rose, probably because roses have so many beautiful layers. The result was really something special.

Amazing. How did you get the fabric made?

The fabric is a jacquard with the rose weaved in and I had it made in Italy. I was blown away. It was silky, luminous, very feminine, and very couture. Plus, I loved that this fabric was a one-of-a-kind that no other designer has which is important to me.

What about the silhouette? The bomber jacket style is quite different from the other pieces in your collection.

The fabric looked like it belonged in haute couture but I wanted to make a garment that would be wearable. Which is why I decided on a bomber jacket silhouette which is obviously much easily wearable than a gown.

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