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The Ivy Frames | SPINOZA

Ivy Sunglasses | SPINOZA

Which one is your favorite frame?

The Ivy, hands down. It’s also (unsurprisingly) our runaway bestseller.

Why is it so popular?

It works well for so many different face shapes. In fact, I think there are very few face shapes that don’t work for this frame. Not to mention, the frame is super light and thin but isn't fragile. It has a very flat and minimalist shape. Most days, I don’t even put the glasses in a case – I just toss them in my bag and with a quick wipe, they’re good to go. Most of the time, you have to treat your sunglasses with kid gloves otherwise they get scratched or damaged; not SPINOZA glasses! They make a fantastic everyday pair.

We offer this style in multiple colors. The black is very New York, very Manhattan. It has a super chic vibe. We also offer this frame in pink which looks fantastic as part of your resort outfit – it’s very Instagrammable!

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