The Kanagawa Tote Bag | Marco Baga

The Kanagawa Wave Tote is part of the brand's Japan Collection and was inspired by the famous Japanese painting. Here's the story of how the bag came to life.

What’s your favorite piece from your collection?

I would probably say The Kanagawa Wave Tote.

How did you come up with the design for the bag?

I came up with this tote a long time ago, while I was still a student at FIT. I remember it was the experimental handbags design class. Back then, I focused on putting together materials that don’t necessarily go together: something very organic and natural (vegetable tanned leather) and something man-made (plastic).

I created a design that reminded me of the iconic Japanese painting “The Kanagawa Wave” while also showcasing a theme of ocean pollution. Our oceans are not meant for plastic waste; as such, I wanted to show alternative ways of using plastic by using this design.

Much later, I ended up perfecting the artwork and used a laser cutter to create the waves that you see on the bag today.

We donate 10% of the profits from the Japanese collection to The Ocean Cleanup.

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