The Madame Dress + Peekaboo Legging + Chelsea Hoodie | Kovasky

Madame Dress | Kovasky

What’s your favorite piece?

I don’t have a favorite. They’re like my babies. I naturally wear all of my pieces all the time. Especially pre-COVID when travel was a thing, I would wear my pieces for my flights since they were so comfy. But I can definitely talk about a few pieces.

Peekaboo Skirt Leggings | Kovasky

The peekaboo leggings - I thought to myself why not make leggings fun? I think a minskirt and thigh high boot combo is super hot so I figured why not combine both to create the look. I actually wear them to go hiking because they also help with ventilation.

The Madame dress - a super functional dress that happens to be very popular with lawyers.

The Chelsea hoodie - probably the most travel-friendly piece in the collection. I wear it all the time when I’m going to the airport because I hate it when the suitcase handle digs into my hand and the thumbholes protect my palm.

Chelsie Hoodie | Kovasky

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