What Our Tall Ladies Currently Love (5'9+)

The too-short hemlines. The sleeves that don't reach your wrists. Tight torsos. It's not easy buying clothes when you're tall! 

Here's what some of our (tall) reviewers are buying:

1. La Femme Apero - Apero Dress Midi

Designer Tidbits: founded by two Parisiennes in New York City, making ultra-sophisticated dresses with the French je-ne-sais-quoi. Doesn't everyone want to dress like the French?

"The fabric of this dress is so soft and luxurious! I wear it in the summer when I have an occasion, wedding, bachelorette party, or a date, it makes me feel beautiful. On this picture, I’m wearing it to a brunch date! It’s as easy and comfortable to wear as a slip dress, but the seaming and waist panel make it more flattering and also much more supportive at the bust."
5'9-5'10, 140lbs, Size 2


La Femme Apero Review | Apero Midi Dress | Dresses for Tall Women
La Femme Apero Review | Apero Midi Dress | Dresses for Tall Women


2. Ava James NYC - Madrid Dress in Blood Orange

Designer Tidbits: a size-inclusive brand (everything is available in sizes 8-18) that makes beautifully tailored dresses for those dressier moments - yes, they're coming back! 

"The dress fits perfectly! It hides what I need it to hide and accentuates exactly what is most flattering for my figure. Also the back is so elegant with the deep V! I love this dress."
5'9-5'10, 175lbs, Size 12 


Ava James NYC | Madrid in Blood Orange Reviews


3. Thirteen-Seven - Hand-Dipped Shirt in Crisp White / Jet Green

Designer Tidbits: this brand's for the ladies with bigger busts. If your shirts gape at the chest (also known as "boob gape"), this the brand for you. Founded by Mya Goldberg, 13-7 was made for the ladies with sizeable girls.

"I love my thirteen seven shirt! I don't have to worry about boob gape at all and I get tons of compliments on the hand-dipped style. The shirt is comfortable and fashionable."
5'11-6'0, 200lbs, Size XL


Thirteen Seven | Hand-Dipped Shirt Reviews



4. Ava James NYC - Chicago Dress in Green

Designer Tidbits: another one from Ava James NYC for the tall ladies. 

"The dress is well-made. The fabric is pretty thick and the silhouette is cut to fit your figure well. I got a size 10 and it fit me well. The slit is high if you're tall but works if you're aren't 5'11 like me! The long sleeves makes it feel super fancy and a good fit for work and evenings out."

5'11-6'0, 168lbs, Size 10

Ava James NYC Review | Chicago Dress in Green | Dresses for Tall Women