the lillet stretch dress.

ouisa lillet stretch dressouisa lillet stretch dress
We sat down with designer Bryn Taylor to talk about her favorite piece from the collection, the Lillet Stretch Dress, the perfect example of 'quiet chic' and sophistication.

What’s your favorite product?

The Lillet Stretch Dress, for sure. My mother, who’s very chic, adores this dress.

Tell us how you came up with this design.

I wanted to create a super chic dress that, true to the OUISA style, was super comfortable. The fabric is this interesting polyester with stretch – it’s almost like scuba fabric but much thinner. It’s also completely matte. I love that the dress maintains a structure when you move; it’s not as flowy as it seems.

How did you come up with the draping in the back?

Many, many, many fit sessions!

I also wanted to make sure that you could wear a bra with the dress and not have the bra be exposed. Plus, I didn’t want the dress to fall off the shoulder. It’s all about the little details.